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3 Week Farmhouse Virtual Paint challenge


I'd like to invite you to my Spring Farmhouse 3 week paint Challenge!


I will be walking you through step by step so you can make your own Farmhouse designs on canvas. Every week you will work on a different farmhouse theme and at the end of the 3 weeks, you will have your very own 3 unique canvas paintings!

 You can choose any colors, for the designs I will be teaching, I want you to totally make it your own. I’m just here to help guide you through the way.


Worried about doing everything yourself? Don't be! We have traceable files available for all 3 designs. We also have a VIP package that includes 3 paint kits with pre-sketch canvases with the designs already drawn on their for you( (these paint kits include paint, apron and brush as well)


 vip package entry is $47. Just click the Learn More button to get signed up :)

Enroll by clicking button and choose your package!

NOTE: After purchase, you will be directed to our private facebook group!

make sure to click join and an admin will accept your request.

if you are having any issues, just give us a call at 843.229.5862

The VIP Package


-entry into private creative community

-(3) pre sketched paint kits with design on canvases

-access codes to private Zoom Lessons

*BONUS pop-up farmhouse theme Facebook live Classes each week!

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