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Collating Data

30 Minute Power Session 

(free 15 follow up session included)

This is a 20 minute session that is best used for clarity, direction, finding loop holes, and answering questions pertaining to your business. We will figure out the why, then come up with a solution on how to fix it.( free follow up 15 min session included)



Collating Data

Facebook Ads Manager

20 min info Session & Goals

Daily budget review

Weekly Follow up meetings

profit review

We will review your current facebook ads and review facebook business page to see how we can inprove better ad performance for better results and profits. This is an intense weekly session used to help you streamline your products to reach monthly goals.

2 Weeks


Working on a tablet

1 hour Laser Session

1 hour session

Free 45 min Assessment

Free 15 min Follow Up Call 

The 45 min Assessment Will Happen first. After the Assessment we will schedule our 60-90 minute strategy session. Total time : Assessment=45mins + 60 minute Strategy Session



Collating Data

Paint & Sip Industry Gallery Audit

20 min Session

We will review your current gallery and establish what paintings you should add that sell and turns a huge profit for your studio/events.This is an intense 20 minute session used to help you streamline your art work in your gallery into a lead and sales generating machine. 



Lets Work Together to Build Your Business

1 on 1 Programs Designed to Help Build With Businesses at Different Levels. Choose Your Program Below.

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